What is the Best Conditioner for Curly Hair?

It may surprise you to learn that not all hair needs conditioning after every shampoo. In fact, not all hair needs to be shampooed every day, but that is another post. Determining the best conditioner for curly hair or whether you should condition at all will be based on your unique hair situation.

Do you know your hair type? Is it fine? Natural curly hair? Is it more dry or oily? Chemically processed, damaged, or naturally dry hair requires more conditioning but fine hair and normal to oily hair does not.

In fact, your healthy hair may not need a conditioner at all. If you feel like your hair is weighed down or flat after showering, try skipping the conditioner. You don’t need to condition just because the shampoo manufacturer suggests it.

You may instead need to hydrate your hair, especially if it’s frizzy. Hydration happens outside the shower with a leave-in product. Natural curly hair, in particular, loves hydration.

The only product Mona’s ever suggested is a leave-in conditioner/styling gel which has been a lifesaver for me…She’s the only stylist who has ever told me ‘I don’t care what shampoo you use but instead of a normal conditioner please consider using this product instead’ … and I’ve been following that advice for the past year with my hair looking healthier than ever.

Find out What You Need

If you need a conditioner or hydration product, and your stylist has prescribed it, be sure to ask WHY it has been recommended. This will help you get to know your hair and understand what types of products you should use. You may lack elasticity, need hydration, or need to detangle your locks. Each of these would require a different product and approach.

• If you lack elasticity, your hair needs protein. However, too much protein can also damage your hair.

• If you need hydration, it may be time to try a leave-in product.

• If you need to detangle your hair, try gently washing your hair in the shower focusing on the scalp instead of balling your hair up into a big mess.

Use the Right Amount

If you believe you have the right product, but still aren’t seeing the results you want. You can adjust the amount of conditioner you use. Read the bottle to see the recommended amount and test using less conditioner for the same results with less weight.

Another way to use less conditioner is to condition only the mid-length of your hair to the ends, avoiding the roots (and your scalp).

The best way to determine what type of hydration your hair needs is to discuss this with your stylist. This is a crucial step in figuring out the right product to achieve your best look.

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