There is no shortage of advice on how to care for curly hair. Follow these tried and true tips to keep your hair healthy and looking its best.

1. Wash Your Hair Only When Needed. You don’t need to shampoo your hair every day. It can contribute to dryness that will make your hair less shiny and manageable. Wash your hair with cold water. Cold water locks in moisture, reduces frizz, and makes your hair look shinier.

2. Keep Hair Hydrated. Hair gets its manageability and shine in part from the oils on our scalp traveling down the length of the hair to add smoothness and shine, keeping it healthy and free of breaks and split ends.

Curly hair, and thick hair, get in the way of this process. Sebum from the scalp wicks down the length of strands of hair, and spreads more easily among strands that are touching each other. Straight hair is optimal for this type of distribution because the hairs lie uniformly against one another.

The lack of alignment in curly hair not only prevents proper distribution of protective and moisturizing scalp oils, but because the surface of curly hair is in many varied directions, it can’t form a good surface for shine. It is also at higher risk of damage from dryness, which inhibits shine.

You need to find the best product to hydrate your hair and determine whether you need to condition or not condition your hair.

3. Treat Hair Gently. The curlier hair is, the harder it is to get combs or brushes through it. Using these tools will lead to breaking, and breaking is only increased if the hair isn’t properly moisturized and protected. Some studies also show that more tightly curled hair is often thinner and weaker than hair with looser curls in some types of hair.

Brush your hair while it’s still wet. Dry-brushing is a common cause of frizz. Naturally curly hair sometimes doesn’t do well with combing or brushing at all. Try brushing out your hair with your fingers if it’s dry.

4. Style Hair Minimally. Go easy on the hair styling products. While you might want to use products to control frizz or keep unruly curls in place, you should still only use the recommended amount of product or you’ll weigh down and damage your hair. Make sure to distribute product evenly over your hair, and add product to your hair while it’s still wet to trap in moisture. Product applied to dry, curly hair can look bad and leave curls looking weighed down.

5. Embrace Your Curls. There are plenty of tips that might work for your hair to keep your curls looking shiny and healthy. Don’t be afraid to experiment to get the best look for you.

Lofty Salon is located just two miles south of the Tysons Corner area in eclectic Vienna, Virginia. Lofty is led by Curlyologist Mona Harb — the ultimate go-to stylist for curly hair design, cut and care. If you’d like to experience a style that embraces your curls and is healthy for your hair, book an appointment. If you are outside the Washington, DC area, be sure to subscribe to this blog for more curly hair tips.

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