Coloring your hair with henna is a safe, natural alternative to traditional hair dye. Learn why our owner Mona uses it on her own hair.

We have discussed how to transition out of coloring your hair. If you decide to continue to color your hair but want to avoid the chemicals and possible damage of traditional hair dye, a safe and natural alternative is to use henna. Read on to see if henna might work for you.

Henna (lawonia inermis) has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather.

True henna dyes your hair a reddish-brown color. Results are based on your original hair color.

There are other henna-based options for different hair colors. Those involve extra ingredients and results may vary. We recommend true henna for brunettes who have less than 25% gray.

Henna works differently than traditional hair dyes. It sits on the hair shaft and coats the hair. It does not change the composition of the hair follicles. In fact, it seals the oil in your hair so your hair retains its moisture and flexibility. For this reason, many report their hair is softer to the touch after using henna.

Due to the way henna binds to your hair, it will not lighten the color, it will only go darker.

Henna also thickens the hair. This means it is a great option for those with fine hair but we do not recommend this treatment for thick or coarse hair.

Henna is permanent and is not affected by shampooing or harsh styling like blow-drying. In fact, the color will intensify when re-dying. Henna fades out in a more natural progression versus the harsh demarcation lines seen with chemical hair dyes. Henna stays vibrant for 4-6 weeks and since the color builds with each application, you will end up with multi-dimensional color.

If you’d like the positive benefits of henna but aren’t sure about the color, you can try neutral henna (Cassia obovata). This is a treatment that coats the hair but does not dye it.

Henna can be applied on top of chemically dyed hair. However, traditional hair dyes do not work on hair that has been treated with henna so make sure you are not planning on going back to dying your hair in the near future.

Henna can be applied at home but since it is a dye, it can be very messy. It will stain everything. Ask your stylist about transitioning to henna in the salon. Henna can be applied at home but since it is a dye, it can be very messy. It will stain everything. Ask your stylist about transitioning to henna in the salon.

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