A modern salon has to be able to do it all—hair, makeup, even some services associated with spas like facials, massage, lymphatic drainage and more. All of these services are important and often expensive. How do you know you’re in good hands with your salon?

Here are some tips.

Stylist’s Qualifications

The most important person in the salon—next to the client—is the hair stylist. It’s the stylist that makes the magic happen. Stylists need to have the training and the expertise to give you the best results. They are required by state laws to continue their education throughout their careers.

They should also be knowledgeable about the products they recommend for you, but won’t spend all their time trying to up sell products and services when they know their services are good enough to get you to come back.


A good salon should be clean. The floors should be swept, decorations and waiting areas should be free of dust and grime, waxing areas should be free of dry wax and hair. Not to mention the importance of a clean restroom! A business that cares will be a business that cleans, and good estheticians will keep their areas as clean as possible.


Any reputable salon will be more than happy to share pictures of their stylists’ work. Hairstylists and cosmetologists especially should have a good, up-to-date portfolio of work to show you if you ask. If you’re not sure whether or not to trust a place, just ask for pictures.


Convenient hours are the lynchpin of the salon experience. A good salon has open hours that work for your busy schedule, and doesn’t close randomly or for anything other than a real emergency. However, emergencies do happen, so be understanding if something comes up every once in a great while.


A reputable salon should be inviting and put you at ease. Salons are known for being a little more on the cutting-edge of interior design, and a reputable salon will look fashionable, without cheap chairs or décor. A reputable salon won’t spend all their time pushing product on you, they won’t 

ignore you, they’ll make you feel like they respect your time and care more about giving you a good experience.


A reputable salon should have up-to-date technology and shouldn’t be afraid to embrace innovative new technologies to bridge the gap between themselves and the clients. A reputable salon in the social media age should have at least a Facebook page that gets updated and isn’t left to linger with old photos from stylists and estheticians that may not even be employed by the salon anymore.  

A reputable salon can save you time and money, and leave you feeling great after every visit. You should be able to build a relationship with your local salon. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research to make sure you will be cared for and valued as a client.


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