We have covered some basic hair care for fine hair. Now let’s discuss ideas for styling your fine hair to give you the look of volume and body you desire. To get the best look for your fine hair, be sure to consult with your trusted stylist.

By now you know to avoid lots of products that weigh your hair down. You also want to stay away from heat which will cause your hair to fall flat. Here are some other styling tips and ideas for you to try. Remember, everyone’s hair is unique.

Blow Drying
It all starts with how you dry your hair. Use a warm or cool hair dryer setting with a concentrator to focus the air. You should use your fingers until your hair is 90% dry then use a soft bristle brush.

Dry your hair upside down to give yourself maximum volume. After your hair is dry, flip your head over again and brush your hair completely through.

Some other ideas to try are using foam rollers or braiding hair while wet and sleeping on it to give yourself some waves.

Switch Your Part
A simple move to give yourself some lift is to switch your part especially if you’ve worn your hair to one side for many years. This simple switch will help lift your hair away from the scalp and make the top of your head look like it has more volume and body.

Hair Accessories
Hair accessories can be a great way to add dimension to your hair. Find fun clips and headbands that will stay secure on your head. You can also pull off that ponytail easier than someone with a thick head of hair.

Hair Products
With fine hair, you want to limit products but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid them. Try strategic use of hairspray to hold hair in place. You can also use a volumizing dry shampoo or a sea salt spray instead of hairspray. Try applying these products to the ends of your hair while keeping away from the roots to avoid weighing down your do.

Remember, start with our fine hair care tips and then experiment with some of these styling tips to maximize the volume and body of your hair. Let us know in the comments which of these tips work for you.

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