There are many reasons women decide to stop coloring their hair and transition to gray hair. It could be due to health concerns, time or financial limitations, or just a desire to make a statement and embrace your natural beauty. However, making a smooth transition from a regular coloring regimen to naturally gray hair can be difficult. Here are the tips we use with clients to make the transition not only smooth but to deliver beautiful results throughout the process.

“Gray hair can be beautiful if you wear it well” – Mona

The first step is to discuss the transition with your stylist, of course. Your graying pattern will determine if you are a good candidate for a smooth transition. If you have a lot of gray hair in front, you are a great candidate for transitioning because your light hair will frame your face as it grows out.

The quickest way to transition to gray hair is to move to a shorter hairstyle. This will get rid of much of your color-treated hair in favor of the natural color growing in at the roots. Also, very long gray hair is aging while a shorter modern cut is youthful.

We then like to strategically dye the roots using a lighter color or a balayage technique to soften the line of demarcation. This produces a sun-kissed look. We also use a semi-permanent color which blends into the gray for a blended color. As your hair continues to grow out, we will lighten the color of the roots each time and maybe add some highlights for dimension until you are completely free of hair dye.

We also want to choose the right products during this transition with a focus on keeping your hair moisturized.

“Mona allowed me to keep the length in my hair and embrace my curls” – Rue

It is important to be ready for the difference embracing your gray or white hair will make in your life. Most women are afraid to go natural because they feel they will look much older but a modern haircut and some fashion tips can make the transition seamless.

Your wardrobe needs to be fashionable and true to self. Baggy and unfashionable clothes will create a frumpy look. Also, think about wearing shades of blue and transitioning to silver jewelry.

Your hair will be pale and your face will become prominent. Depending on your complexion, you may look a little washed out so use makeup to brighten up your face. Lofty offers a natural makeup line, Jane Iredale, available at the salon.

You can add color and interest with jewelry and accessories as well. If you have a short hairstyle, think about big, bold earrings.

Of course, you can also use these tips to transition to your natural hair color even if it’s not now gray.

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