If you’ve been trying to calm, straighten, or otherwise normalize your curls, they may be angry by now. Flat irons, blow dryers, and a proliferation of products can desert-dry your hair. Perhaps it’s time to liberate your locks and see how a Curlyologist can help you embrace your curls. And, if it’s not in the cards, we can help you hydrate that beautiful head of angry hair so the two of you can be friends again.


When this busy lady came to us with her tired hair, too long and all one length, she was clear – she wanted a short cut to fit her lifestyle. Her curls were dry, over-processed, and weighted down, so we cut off the dead hair, hydrated, and added layers (yes you can add layers to even short cuts!). Then her hair curled up to frame her face and highlight her features.

Angry curls

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