Curlyologist - Mona Harb

A Lifetime of Studying Curly Hair

Mona Harb, magical Curlyologist possesses the expertise to transform the most challenging set of tresses. She has the uncanny ability to diagnose the very personality type of your curls (lovely, mellow, mad, angry, or even chaotic curls) and sets about coaxing them into shape in just the right way. Having perfected what Mona calls “the diamond technique” for cutting curly hair, she has trademarked her brand as “Curlyologist.” Only stylists trained by Mona can boast the title of Curlyologist. For every head of curls, there is a specific cut and style, and different products to bring out the beauty in every strand.


Mona sincerely enjoys sharing her lifetime of sensible secrets with anyone who has ever had a squabble with their follicles and encourages to embrace your irresistible, natural ringlets and let them flow naturally.


If you’re ready to accept your curls and tame your mane, Lofty Salon, Boutique, & Spa is the only place you’ll find a Curlyologist to do the job right.


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