About Lofty

Lofty is your urban retreat located in Vienna, Virginia just two miles south of Tysons Corner. Here, we offer only the highest caliber of salon and spa services in a warm relaxing and inviting atmosphere.  Our focus on excellence has made Lofty a regional go-to destination to relax and unwind.    

Each member of our staff is an expert in his or her field with years of professional experience to back up their excellent credentials. Constantly learning, our staff stay up to date on the latest trends and training to ensure that we always provide the very best to our clients.  

Lofty styles all hair types, but specializes in curly and fine hair.  Leveraging decades of experience cutting curly hair, our founder Mona is now styling hair while training others to be “curlologists.”

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Phone: 703.242.0609

370 Maple Ave. West Vienna, VA 22180


The Story Behind Lofty

I am often asked what Lofty means. The name is near and dear to my heart, and the story below explains why. 

 I started styling hair over 30 years ago. During my early days, I spent my spare time daydreaming about opening my own salon.  I envisioned how it would look, both inside and out, down to the flowers in front. Years past while I dreamed, saved, and got experience.  

One day I saw a sad and neglected building sitting in a great location with plenty of parking. Immediately, the salon of my daydreams popped into my head, starting a year-long quest to lease the building.  

The first day Joe, the owner, agreed to show me the space, we were greeted by hopping crickets. There were so many, they needed a traffic light. That was when I learned the second floor had been vacant for years. 

“By the way, what are you going to do with the building?” he asked. I blurted out that I wanted to make the first floor a salon and the second floor a wellness center.  This surprised me. It was the first time my dream included a second floor.  

That night, my husband and I talked about it. He pointed out that this was my dream and I had nothing to lose.  After much back and forth, I signed a lease for the next twenty years.

Right before I signed, the leasing agent asked for a business name. “ I was thinking “The Beauty Loft” because of the two floors.  He said, “Ohhh, so lofty!” Amusingly, I liked his name better! We started going back and forth using “Lofty” in our correspondence.  Simply, the name Lofty puts a smile on my face.  

Lofty fit me. I have always had “lofty” dreams. 

With $35,000 in savings, empty credit cards, and free rent for three months I started. What I earned, I spent on furniture and equipment buying only what I needed to save. Slowly, slowly, I grew and expanded and enjoyed every day. 

After 25 years of working for others, I finally lived my dream and had my own business! Four years after opening Lofty Salon, I took a deep breath and created Lofty Spa, totally transforming the “loft” upstairs.

Now I feel that my “lofty dreams” are a reality. I am blessed with a wonderful staff, lots of wonderful clients who I consider friends, and a great community that I am proud to be a part of.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story.  If you are a dreamer like me, “Go ahead and dream.” Lofty dreams do come true.

~ Mona Harb


370 Maple Ave. West
Vienna, VA 22180

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Phone: (703) 242.0609



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