February Quick Tips

February Quick Tips

Flawless Skin Dealing with skin requires a lot of attention and should be dealt with very carefully If your skin is itchy, flaky, and red, immediately stop what products you’re using and try different ones Your diet affects your skin as well. Drink a lot of...
Fine Hair for the Holidays

Fine Hair for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season! Time to dress up for holiday parties — feeling and looking fabulous. Of course, dressing up includes wearing a special hairstyle. However, creating a fun hair look can be challenging if you have fine hair. Fine hair is when the thickness...
Have Fun with your Fall  Hair

Have Fun with your Fall Hair

The last licks of the hot and sticky summer are finally changing into the chilly, sunny days of fall. The humidity (not to mention damage from pool, beach, and Sun) is finally behind us. After months of summer frizz and fuzzy hair, it is finally time for your hair to...
6 Essential End-of-Summer Hair and Skin Repair Tips

6 Essential End-of-Summer Hair and Skin Repair Tips

Ahh, the bliss of summer…the sun soaked days at the beach, fun outdoor recreation and exercise…it all seems so wonderful, until the summer glow starts to fade revealing uneven skin tones, the buttery highlights turn brassy, and your hair feels dry and...
Summer is For Self Care

Summer is For Self Care

Summer is here! The sun is out, the days are long, and those of you who have kids home from school are diving into summer activities, especially the pool. While we may have vacation on the mind, some days it just don’t feel like a holiday. The heat can be...


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