Great skin sets the tone for everything else. Glowing skin shows off a person’s lovely eyes and their shiny hair. There are lots of fabulous skin care trends that can give you happy skin this month.

Pumpkin Skin Mask

Pumpkin is not only beautiful and useful as well as delicious. Pumpkin is also an ideal thing to put on the face. Many women love the feel of pumpkin right on their skin. A pumpkin skin mask will revitalize your skin and bring you much needed vitamins and minerals to all areas of your face.


Enzyme Peels

An enzyme peel is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and make your skin clear and smooth again. The peel can be used on the skin quickly. Let it bring your skin to life again with confidence. The proven action of natural enzymes is an ideal way to create that elegant look.


Moisturizing Pads

Great skin starts with skin that is hydrated both inside and out. Drinking lots of water every day will give your skin the moisture it needs to create a fabulous look. An outside look is also easy with the use of moisturizing pads. Use them to remove your makeup and add that all-important layer of pleasing water at the same time.


Facial Cleaning Brush

Clean skin is skin that is completely clean. It can be very hard to get to one’s pores and remove any deep down grime. This is where a facial cleansing brush can be of use. The facial cleansing brush is totally designed to get rid of dirt using a gentle method that is easy on the skin at the same time. A brush of this sort should be kept around where it can be brought out and used as needed for a fresh, clean feel.


Foaming Cleanser

Foaming cleansers are perfect when you want something early in the morning or late at night that gives you a gentle massage. These are modern items that are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Many women like the feel of an olive oil cleaner. Olive oil gives the skin the oils it needs to remain healthy.


Clay Sticks

Clay is known to have refreshing properties that many women love. It’s been used for centuries to clear the skin. Today’s new formulations are even more effective than prior formulations. Look for clay sticks that you can stow in your purse and keep on hand during the day.


Charcoal Products

Warm charcoal is a totally natural product that’s found new use today. The new formulations are ideal for many uses. New products on the market take advantage of this classic product. Use them on your skin for clean that’s totally deep down and brings you to life again. Many types of charcoal are found. White charcoal is a new version that offers all you need to make your skin come alive.


Microneedling at Lofty Salon & Spa

Microneedling improves the look and feel of your skin. It’s the process of very fine needles puncturing the skin generating new collagen, improving scars, and leaving you with smoother and even-toned skin.

At Lofty Salon & Spa, our beauty expert, Dr. Sadiya Naseem, uses (FDA approved) SkinPen by Bellus Medical for this skin rejuvenation process. This treatment is not for everyone. Consult your provider or schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Naseem. From November 15th to December 15th, 2018, we will be waiving our consultation fee. Call Lofty Salon & Spa to learn more!  


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