Sweating will burn calories, and remove unwanted toxins from the body. The problem is it is not easy to sweat when a person is unable to exercise or injured. This is where an infrared sauna proves especially beneficial. Numerous toxins will be released including heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and environmental chemicals. There are additional benefits because


The most natural way for the body to eliminate toxins is by sweating. This makes sweating a critical part of the detoxification process. In comparison to a Swedish sauna, an infrared sauna will eliminate approximately seven times the amount of toxins.


Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in the body. An infrared sauna balances the level of cortisol in the body to promote relaxation. The sauna generates heat as well. This relieves tension all over the body, and enables the muscles to relax. An infrared sauna is an excellent way to de-stress and relax.

Pain Relief

Many people suffer from joint or muscle pain. This type of inflammation can be relieved by an infrared sauna by relaxing the muscles and increasing the circulation.

Weight Loss

An infrared sauna generates heat, and this causes an increase in the body’s core temperature, leading to an increase in the heart rate. This is the same temperature increase caused from exercising. When the body is forced to work harder to adapt to the increased heart rate, and lower the temperature of the core, it will result in weight loss because the body is burning more calories. According to an article in the American Medical Association Journal titled, The Effect of Sweating, approximately 600 calories are burned in one thirty-minute session in an infrared sauna.

Improved Circulation

The circulation in the body will increase as the core body temperature rises from the heat generated by the infrared sauna. When the infrared sauna sessions are consistent, and in the middle-infrared level, the result is often improved muscle recovery, a stimulated blood flow, and a decrease in inflammation and pain.

Skin Purification

The technology of an infrared sauna aids in the purification of the skin. This is because circulation increases, and toxins are eliminated from the pores. This results in softer, clearer, and healthy looking skin.

The Infrared Levels

There are three basic levels for an infrared sauna treatment, near, middle and far. These levels are a representation of the size of the infrared wavelengths, and are in reference to the intensity of the treatment. The general rule is near-infrared levels increase the immune function and help in healing wounds. The middle-infrared levels are excellent for promoting muscle relaxation and increasing circulation. The far-infrared levels are used mainly for detoxification. Most people begin with a four-minute session, and gradually work their way up to a fifteen to thirty minute session. The benefits of these sessions are the reason infrared saunas continue to increase in popularity.


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