Flawless Skin

  • Dealing with skin requires a lot of attention and should be dealt with very carefully
  • If your skin is itchy, flaky, and red, immediately stop what products you’re using and try different ones
  • Your diet affects your skin as well. Drink a lot of water! Stress can lead to breakouts, try not to stress eat.
  • You should have a skin care routine and make sure you’re cleaning your face every morning and night, be sure to remove makeup before you sleep.


Thicker Hair

  • Thickness of the hair is the most important thing for a woman to achieve the look she’s after.
  • Your health can affect hair thickness, make sure your thyroid is in check. Also check your iron, vitamin D.
  • Watch your stress levels, it can affect your hair!
  • Do not wash your hair everyday.



Fuller Lips

  • While there are many products and ways to plump lips, the best results come from fillers. Find a skilled technician who can assess your personal needs.
  • To make your lips fuller with make-up, line your lips with a darker lip pencil, then fill it in with a matching lipstick color. Also, a layering coat of lip gloss plumps the lips and to make a fuller look.


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