It’s the holiday season! Time to dress up for holiday parties — feeling and looking fabulous. Of course, dressing up includes wearing a special hairstyle. However, creating a fun hair look can be challenging if you have fine hair. Fine hair is when the thickness or diameter of the individual strand of hair is thin. Don’t worry! When going out this holiday season (or any season), remember these tips for making your fine hair look great.

The challenge of this hair is that the cuticles are so thin that they don’t help you when styling your hair. So how to get some extra volume to go with your fancy holiday dress?  The first step is to build the basics, which includes a great haircut. Luckily, Lofty Salon specializes in curly and fine hair.

Once you have a cut and style you love, remember: less is more. It may seem counterintuitive, but brushing your hair too much is harmful to thin hair. Every time you brush, your hair’s volume decreases by ten percent! So be cautious in how and when you comb your hair.

To add volume for that fancy night out, wash your hair the day before. Believe it or not, this will help your hair cooperate better with a curling iron or hold the style you want.  Another trick is to put your head upside down and put heat on your hair roots. Pro tip: keep your head down until your hair cools off before spraying it with hairspray.

You can also work on ruffing up your hair’s cuticles. You can do this by adding chemicals, such as color or highlights, to your hair.  You can also use products to build the body of your hair. Just be careful because you don’t want the products to be too heavy.

Over the years, I have found products that work well with fine hair. Products that I use myself like Loma Phyto volume active and Loma Volumizing Foam Mousse. They will hold your hair in place without adding weight.

With your hair done, you are ready to go out for that special night out.  Don’t forget the red lipstick, dangly earrings, and infectious smile!


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