As fall marches forward, now is the perfect time to think about your fall wardrobe plans. For many women, this means rethinking their hair care choices.

Ditch your damaged hair!

Going with a darker hair color is the perfect way to repair damage that your hair went through during the summer.  Put a bit of dimension back into your life and make people see you in a new way. Darker hair works well with dark fall hues. It also shows off your glowing skin and eye color.

Get Ready For the Season

Getting ready for fall means lots of fun activities. Carve pumpkins with kids. One way to get into the full swing of the season is with a new hair color before it starts. As you go through your wardrobe, you’re removing items you won’t need for months. Now is also the ideal time to think about your new hair as well. Bring out the kicky boots and put your favorite down comforter. Try on a new color for your hair and you’ll quickly get into the fun of this fabulous season.

Highlight Your Best Features

Dark hair shows off your summer tan and brings notice to your eyes. Dark hair also brings attention to your high cheekbones while evening out your skin tone. This is the time for a dramatic new look. Dark hair also works well with many varied skin types and all ethnic backgrounds. Going with a deep, rich color brings you a sense of confidence as you now you look your best.

Repair Summer Damage

Summer can be very hard on your hair. Seawater can damage your scalp while chlorine makes it hard to keep your curly crop in shape. As you hit fall, now is the right time to get that damage repaired. A good haircut that works for your hair type is a necessity. The same is true of color. Color your hair dark and restore it to life.

Show Off a New Look

Dark hair is a fantastic way to get an entirely new look.  Fall is a perfect time to start new goals with your new look. When you decide on an outer change for your hair, it gets easier to think about all sorts of wonderful inner changes at the same time. Contact Lofty Salon for a hair appointment.


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