What’s so special about getting a spa facial? With so many do-it-yourself products on the market, are you just paying for someone else to get your face washed? Actually, spa facials go well beyond face cleaning. There are plenty of great reasons to go to a certified Master Esthetician for a spa facial.

What is Defines a Spa Facial?

  By definition, a spa facial is a multi-step treatment completed by an esthetician that supercharges your skin care. Incorporating massage, specialized treatments and extractions into the facial are just some of the benefits. The Estheticians at Lofty Salon & Spa expertly assess and analyze your skin to make appropriate adjustments. Our Organic Facial uses Eminence Organics products, so you know they are safe for sensitive skin; and the sensory experience of entering into the soothing sanctuary of our upstairs spa is an experience you just can’t get at home with any DIY masque or facial.

Four good reasons to come into Lofty this month to refresh your skin an Organic Spa Facial:

  • You get a Thorough Cleaning – Regular spa treatments are an essential complement to your daily skin care routine. Professional facials take the state of your complexion to the next level. Many skin conditions require continuous care and the effectiveness of home skin care is better boosted with regular spa treatments. Together, at-home and in-spa treatments produce successful results, better and faster.
  • For Professional Extractions of Pimples and Blackheads – Every time you squeeze or touch a blemish, you are at risk of scarring or dark marks. You can even cause more harm than good by doing it yourself and spreading bacteria across your skin, ultimately leading to more pimples. This isn’t to say that extractions are not effective, but they should be performed by a professional. A huge benefit to a spa facial is that you can have blackheads and pustules extracted in a sterile environment.
  • Expert Analysis of Your Skin – While it isn’t hard to get a general idea of your skin type, decoding your skin can be more difficult. With changes due to seasons, diet, age, and even weather, it’s reassuring to get professional advice. For example, is your skin really dry – or is it actually dehydrated? Dry skin type requires more moisturizing oils to combat, while dehydration is a condition requiring more water based moisturizers to correct. During consultation, your esthetician will be able to diagnose your skin and develop treatments specifically catered to you.
  • Relax, Unwind, and Get Pampered – Let’s be honest. One of the best reasons for a spa facial is the soothing experience. Facial massages, steam treatments, hot towels and the beautiful aroma of organic spa products. What more can you ask for? And since stress plays a factor in the condition of your skin, use this is an opportunity to relax and refresh. By creating a relaxing environment for your professional facial, your treatment will leave you glowing from the inside out.
If you haven’t yet booked your Organic Spa Facial, schedule your appointment here and prepare for some self-pampering!  


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