With so much to remember as you prep for your wedding day, your hair may get pushed to the side only to be remembered a week or two before the date. However, because your hair is what frames your face, it can set the tone for your entire wedding look and either make or break how you eventually feel about your photographs. Here are some smart tips to get your hair ready for the big day from several months prior to your date up until the day before your wedding.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Several months before your wedding, you will want to pay special attention to your hair to keep it healthy. You will want to have regular trims with your stylist every 8 to 12 weeks. This will take care of dry, split ends. You may also want to consider getting regular hair masques to condition your hair deeply to create shinier, thicker, healthier strands.

Consider When to Color It

If you color or highlight your hair, you will want to decide on the color you want long before your wedding date. Your last coloring should be approximately two weeks before the date. This will give you time to make any necessary changes but will not be so much time to allow your roots to show.

Choose Your Style

Next, consider the hairstyle that you want for your wedding. You may want your hair up, partially up or down. This will depend on personal preferences as well as on what you are planning on wearing in your hair or over your head during the wedding, such as a veil.

Plan on Professional Styling

Professional styling is a wise investment for your wedding. You will not have to worry about your hair coming loose or on wasting precious time trying to get the style just right yourself. A good stylist will be able to look at picture ideas you have and recreate your favorite style.

Do Not Forget the Trial

Part of your professional styling should include a trial a week or two before your wedding date. At this appointment, the stylist will practice your preferred style, and you will be able to make any desired tweaks to it.

Prep Your Hair the Day before

The last time you should wash your hair is the day before your wedding. Do not put any products into it to make it simpler to style it the next day.


The best person to talk to about your wedding hairstyle is your trusted stylist. He or she will already understand your hair texture and preferred hairstyle. Additionally, be sure to get some honest opinions about your hairstyle at your trial so that you can feel confident of your look on your wedding day. While your hair style certainly is not everything that goes into your wedding planning, it is a big part of your overall look and should not be forgotten. Contact Lofty to schedule a consultation on bridal services today!


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