Beauty Defect Repair combines a new idea of science and nature to rejuvenate skin without such invasive procedures like Botox and or surgery. It uses German technology and newly designed “dermaceuticals” specially patented for these BDR products and treatments. It also has shown that in only use, there can be results seen. BDR is targeted for every person with every type of skin problem. The unique system is able to target the individual’s skin care need. The results have even been compared to many aesthetic surgeries without being as invasive. The way Beauty Defect Repair works is that it penetrates the skin on many different levels. Treatment may include exfoliation, stimulating of the skin with micro needling and then targeting stimulation using micro needling. As the levels of skin are being worked on, the more powerful the results. First step in the BDR process is to cleanse the outermost skin layer. This is done by dermabrasion and peels. The purpose is for skin to look more revitalized and to have a younger look. The second step is to focus on more deep layers where the collagen and where elastin is produced. This can be done by micro needling and use of serums. More hydration can be delivered and the result is more thickness of skin. The last step in the process uses LED lights and massage to work on all levels of the skin. By using the lymphatic system, it will drain the toxins away and out of the skin layers. The use of LED lights will help distribute oxygen throughout the layers and will provide more life to the cells. This new line of skin revitalization makes the idea of younger looking skin last permanently compared to expensive lotions, balms and the promises that it will last for more than a year. Skin will feel smooth and tight. With this, skin will have been made healthy and youthful again with the treatments. If you are still unsure whether or not Beauty Repair Defect is right for you, then see if any of these skin issues affect you currently: dry, sun damaged skin, sensitive skin, acne (including adult acne) and scars or wrinkles. The aging process affects all of us, unfortunately, this can’t be stopped. However, with BDR and the advances of “dermaceuticals” and nature, it is almost like we can stop the aging process, at least in our skin. The Beauty Defect Repair can be used for those who need and want to feel young again. It comes highly recommended since the treatments are not so invasive, last for a length of time and can treat almost any skin condition. BDR can do wonders for anyone needing an excuse to be and feel young again.


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