Summer is here!

The sun is out, the days are long, and those of you who have kids home from school are diving into summer activities, especially the pool. While we may have vacation on the mind, some days it just don’t feel like a holiday. The heat can be stifling, the house can be crowded, the job doesn’t take time off, and sometimes you just need an escape…

A little self-care is necessary every once in a while. Setting time aside to unwind and de-stress is crucial even in the summer, when vacations and fun can overtake one’s self care importance.

This is the perfect time to visit the urban oasis in downtown Vienna, VA, the upstairs wellness sanctuary of Lofty Salon & Spa. From massages and facials, to foot reflexology and infrared sauna treatment, you can plan your own little “mini-staycation.”

Here Are a Few Ways to Customize Your Personalized Summer Spa Day at Lofty

  1. Relax and Make the Transition to Your Special Time. When you arrive, be sure to check out our beautiful garden entrance and even have a little rest at our entry patio. Come in make a cup of coffee or tea, and sit out there to wave at the busy commuters and drivers who are making their way up and down Maple Avenue, while you mellow out and transition to your “me time.”

2. Check in and sip a little something. Whether it’s coffee or tea for a pick-me-up, or a refreshing glass of wine or water, you’ll find the welcoming annex an environment that is light-filled, complete with couches and cafe tables. Relax here before or after your appointment.

3. Get into the Mood. Head up the lush carpeted stairs into the second-floor wellness sanctuary, where the atmosphere becomes a little more quiet, tranquil, peaceful and quite soothing. The mesmerizing fireplace, comfy couches and soft music help you to relax, while the staff prepares for your choice of spa treatments.

4. Start with an Organic Hydrating Facial. Relax and let our skilled estheticians provide our signature aromatic organic facial, gently detoxifying and hydrating your skin. The experience will both relax and revive you.

But don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself here:

5. Add one of our specialized massage treatments. From Swedish, deep tissue,  acupressure, hot stone, lymphatic drainage, sound healing, pregnancy massage , cupping, and reflexology, there is sure to be something for you.

Here is a sample viewing of some of our specialized massage treatments:

6. Continue the Experience Back Downstairs. Meet a friend to relax and socialize after your treatment. Why go home now? Lofty is open Wednesdays and Fridays until 6pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays until 8pm.

And all summer long, we are offering half price Spa Specials, Thursdays 2-6pm. Stay out of rush hour and spend that time at Lofty Instead. From facials, to foot reflexology, waxing and threading services, make it a weekly event with your friends! See details on the special here.

We hope to see you here at Lofty this summer for your spa-day, but if you just absolutely can’t make it in for your mini-vacation/self-care time, have a wonderful summer!

We will see you in the fall, and don’t forget the sunscreen! Your esthetician will thank you when you come back for your treatments without sun damage!


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Vienna, VA 22180

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