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Right now, curly hair is on the cover of every magazine and featured in numerous movies and TV shows. It appears that more and more women are embracing their curls. Over 70% of women who enter the doors of a salon have texture to their hair, from mellow curls to tight, chaotic coils. That’s why it is crucial to understand that curly hair has a language all its own.

Mona Harb, resident Curlyologist of  Vienna, Virginia’s Lofty Salon, knows just how to speak that language. After 35 years as a stylist and possessing lovely curls herself, she has trained others in giving the perfect cut and instructing her stylists and clients in what you need to keep your curly hair happy and healthy.

The Right Cut is Crucial. Once you experience a great curly haircut and learn the proper techniques for curly styling, you will enhance your curly locks and feel confident you can maintain the style.  Don’t trust your curls to just anyone, rely on the experience of an expert trained in curly hair. The “Diamond Technique,” of cutting hair, developed and perfected by Mona,  gives you a look that maintains fullness without losing length. The Diamond Technique also eliminates the bell-shaped look around the bottom of your tresses and gives an even curl from root to tip!

Determine the personality of your curls. Understanding the texture and behavior of your locks is important to creating a style and routine for your hair. “Rely on the experience of an expert.” Says Mona,  “Living my life with curly hair, learning how it thinks, what makes it react or talk back, I finally made peace with my curls.”

Use a styling gel. At Lofty, Mona hand mixes her own Holdon styling gel by Brocato, for our clients to help sculpt and mold the shape. Use styling gel prior to and during drying and styling the hair to build strong support and control. You can finger-style or use heat styling tools to create the extra control you may need. Holdon gel also helps control frizziness.

Only Shampoo when you need to. Shampooing too often can dry curly hair out and cause the frizzies. Give your hair a break and wait a few days before washing it.

Keep your haircuts on a regular schedule. A regular trim every six to eight weeks can help you avoid split ends and also keep your hair from getting too heavy, especially if you have big, thick curls.


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