Our hair reacts differently in the winter due to the changing weather conditions. So we pulled together these winter hair care tips to keep your hair looking great during these colder months.

During the winter, the hair changes dramatically especially in the DC area because there is much less humidity in the air. This will make your hair drier if it’s not properly hydrated. You may need a different product during this time to keep your hair looking it’s best. There is a positive to the limited humidity in the air. You can play with your hair and do more in the winter, especially with curly hair.

Winter is also a great time to go shorter. Hair is less unruly due to the lack of humidity and a shorter cut keeps hair out of the way of clothing that covers the neck like turtlenecks and scarves. If you’ve considered going shorter in the past, now is the time.

The winter is also a great time to lengthen the time between washings to prevent your hair from drying out too much.

Also, avoid over-styling your hair. You don’t want to go outside with wet hair but be sure not to put too much heat to your head in the form of a hairdryer, curling iron, or flat iron. Likewise, avoid hot showers. Try to wash your hair in lukewarm or cold water to maintain the moisture in your hair. Ideally, you would allow enough time for your hair to dry naturally before going outside.

Once outside, protect your hair from the elements by covering your head with a scarf. You can also wear a hat just make sure it’s not too tight. Try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your hat to reduce any breakage and static cling.

Your skin tone will also be paler in the winter and your sun-kissed highlights may have faded away, so if you color your hair or use highlights, choose an appropriate color to complement your winter skin tone.

Be sure to discuss the seasonal changes with your stylist so that you look your best during this busy season.

Your skin is also affected by this change of weather and we will check in with our spa team for our next blog post: winter skincare tips.

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