Mona Harb has a lifetime of experience working with curly hair. Each curlyology cut starts with her diagnosing your type of curl and discussing your lifestyle and hair preferences.  She then coaxes your curls into shape for what is best for your curls, your face and your lifestyle. Instead of constantly fighting your curls, she encourages you to embrace your irresistible, natural ringlets and let them flow. 

Having perfected her work on curly hair, she has trademarked her “Curlyologist” brand.  Now only those she directly trains can boast about truly being a “curlyologist.”  

If you’re ready to accept and love your curls, Lofty Salon, & Spa is the only place you’ll find a Curlyologist to do the job right.

For appointment scheduling with Mona please call the Salon directly at (703) 242-0609

Incredible! I’m very picky about who I let cut and color my curls. This place was recommended by a very close friend of mine and it did not disappoint! Mona and her assistant took the time to decide a color and then created a beautiful new style. The cherry on top is that she was able to style my curls in a way that left me feeling gorgeous. In my experience, I typically get my hair done and then quickly put it in a pony tail, because salons don’t know the trick to curly hair. Mona and her team have it down to an art. Can’t wait to book my next appointment, such a fun experience!

Megan S.

I have been a customer of Mona at Lofty Salon in Vienna for over 5 years. She and her staff always do a great job making me feel welcome and comfortable during my time in her lovely salon. She is the only one that I would trust with my fine, curly hair. After going to many different stylists in the Northern Virginia area who didn’t quite “get” how to cut and care for my hair, I decided to see the expert. I always leave with my color and curls looking great!

Dory H.

What’s your Curly Hair Personality?

Loose Curls

Not-sure-what-to-do waves, but may curl here or there. Loose curls blow dry very nicely, but then go flat and stick straight to your head.

Magic Curls

Lots of potential. A curlyology cut makes all the difference when combined with the right hair products. .

Wavy Curls

Wavy curls, given the right shape, can look fantastic and make hair care easy!

Extra Curly

May be curlier in some areas. Needs some consistency with the right blend of products and good shaping.

Extra Extra Curly

This type of curl, after 35 years, still amazes me! Personality plus it’s very versatile. You have lots of choices for curly styles.

Trust your curls to the expert curlyologist: Mona Harb


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Phone: (703) 242.0609


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