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A Lifetime of Studying Curly Hair – Curlyologist in Vienna, VA

Curlyologist in Vienna, VAMona Harb, Lofty’s magical Curlyologist in Vienna, VA – ( or curly hair expert ) possesses the expertise to transform the most challenging set of tresses. She has the uncanny ability to diagnose the very personality type of your curls ( lovely, mellow, mad, angry, or even chaotic curls ) and sets about coaxing them into shape in just the right way. Having perfected her techniques over the years while working with her own luxuriously curly hair, she encourages you to embrace your irresistible, natural ringlets and let them flow naturally. Mona sincerely enjoys sharing her lifetime of sensible secrets with anyone who has ever had a squabble with their follicles. Yes, this most astute Curlyologist in Vienna, VA  has indeed decoded the riddle of the curly lock.

More and more women are embracing their curls and eagerly allowing their hair to run free. You don’t have to be a prisoner of your own hair. Curly hair has a language all its own. It is beautiful, sexy, mysterious, and unpredictable, but given the right cut, it will flow more naturally. Everyone with curly hair has the potential to enhance their overall look without resorting to harsh chemical hair straighteners or excessive use of a flat iron. Once you experience a great curly haircut and learn the proper techniques for curly styling, you will embrace your curly hair and feel confident that you can maintain a style that will get you rave reviews.

I am often asked what my secret is when it comes to achieving a great cut for curly hair. It has taken me years to develop what I call the Diamond Technique. Where most people encounter problems with cutting curly hair is a flatter top and a bell-shaped bottom. With the Diamond Technique, I can give you fullness in the crown without sacrificing length around the face. The bell-shaped bottom is eliminated, and you achieve an even curl from the top down. My Diamond Technique is applicable to every type of curly hair, unlike other popular curly hair-cutting techniques.
I am a curly-haired girl, so I understand and empathize with the special needs and challenges curly hair presents. This blog is for everyone with curly hair, written by me – the Curlyologist, Mona Harb. I intend to share tips, products, observations, and stories at as I continue my lifelong study of curly hair.

Living my life with curly hair, learning how it thinks, what makes it react or talk back, sometimes thinking I had lost and my curls had won, I finally gave in and made peace with my curls. Through it all, I was determined to become an expert on curly hair. It is my lifelong pursuit and is the inspiration behind my self-professed moniker of “Curlyologist.” Read on to find out what personality your curls reveal. Learning what type of curls you have and what to expect from them is just the start to managing your curls. Don’t trust your beautiful curls to just anyone. Rely on the experience of an expert.

~ Mona Harb, Curlyologist in Vienna, VA

Discover the Personality of Your Curls

1. Lovely Curls – Lovely dream-like curls, given the right shape, can look fantastic and be the envy of everyone!

2. Mellow Curls – Not-sure-what-to-do waves, but may curl here or there.Mellow curls blow dry very nicely, but then go flat and stick straight to your head.

3. Mad Curls – Lots of potential, but angry. Have been mistreated with over-the-counter hair products and/or by an untrained stylist.

4. Angry Curls – Grow out from the follicles kicking and screaming – worst of all, bullying you! What they needs is a lot of discipline and consistency with the right blend of products and good shaping.

5. Chaotic Curls – This type of curl, after 35 years, still amazes me! Not too many choices unfortunately. This is when I recommend eliminating the curl and enjoying the straight look.


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