Straight, waves, curls, coils: There are so many different textures of hair, each with their own set of special demands. It is estimated that around six out of every ten people in the United States have hair they would classify as curly, yet most of the popular styles tend to be better suited for straight hair. Even more, the majority of stylists are trained and hone their techniques on hair without any sort of wave. 

Hair type is as unique as the people who grow it, and curly hair tends to be even more so. Each tendril can have its own bounce, its own twist, its own specific contour, and crafting a style that meets all of these specific needs takes great care and understanding. Many with curly hair go to great lengths to tame their lawless locks. Struggling with straighteners, tampering with treatments and experimenting with elixirs all boasting to give a smooth, easy and manageable style has proven to be as frustrating as it is time-consuming and if they work at all, the results are temporary. A lot of the curly-haired community shies away from getting it cut at all, either wary from a bad experience or nervous that their stylist won’t recognize the complexity of their hair.

Mona Harb is determined to make change that. At Lofty Salon and Spa, located in Vienna, Virginia, clients with hair of all types can expect to leave their appointments satisfied with their new style.

Mona, a self-proclaimed ” Curlyologist”  trains other hair stylists in the art of giving a perfect curly cut. The team of Curlyologists at Lofty Salon and Spa have the ability to diagnose what type of curl you have – lovely mellow, mad, angry or chaotic, and carefully create a style suited to you.

Say goodbye to short, unmanageable curls! Using the “Diamond Technique,” developed and perfected by Mona, is the secret ingredient Lofty Curlyologists apply to get a great curly cut. This approach will give you a look that maintains fullness without losing length. The Diamond Technique also eliminates the bell-shaped look around the bottom of your tresses and gives an even curl from root to tip!

The benefit of seeing a Curlyologist comes from the creator herself. Mona is a lifelong owner of curly hair and understands the struggle that comes from a style meant for straight hair. It is this experience that urged her to find a better solution and train others in the ways of delivering a proper curly hairstyle that is sure to please! And because of Mona’s background with both curly hair and as a hairstylist, she is only too happy to share tips and tricks proven to work with all of her clients!

You can only find a Curlyologist specially trained in the Diamond Technique at Lofty Salon and Spa, so book your appointment today and learn to embrace your curls in a way that you’ll love!


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