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Team Lofty


Professional Stylists

Hair Care Experts

Meet the team of talented  stylists who work in the salon everyday. Pictured from the left are Carmen Gutierrez, Mona Harb, and Taylor Hellen.

(703) 242-0609

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Home Team

My team behind the scenes is as important to me, and the Lofty Salon customer experience as the team of professional stylists who work in the salon everyday. My children, their spouses, my grandson and even the pets are part of my informal consulting panel sharing their honest insights, opinions, ideas and feelings as only a family can. Recently my daughter became our Social Media Manager.

I do work with a professional marketing firm too, but I've learned the most from listening to my many clients. They are at the heart of all that I do, and they inspire me everyday.  

Mona Harb, Founder



Business Advisor

My mentor, who is also my husband, has encouraged and provided expert business advice and boundless love and support since day one.

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