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We are all full service salon offering a wide array of services in a comfortable and friendly environment. If you’d like to experience the ultimate in skin, hair and massage treatments in Vienna VA, we have something for everyone. Here is just a little of what we offer at Lofty Salon:

BDR treatments in Vienna VA—This is a comprehensive six part skin rejuvenation system that works on your layers of skin increasing collagen and elastin production. The process includes peel, dermabrasion, micro needles, serum, massage and LED treatment. Through BDR technology, it is now possible to treat deep wrinkles and skin disorders without invasive procedures. BDR can also help skin problems such as acne and sensitive skin that have not responded to other treatments.

Infrared sauna in Vienna VA—This luxurious treatment has a whole host of healing properties. Infrared’s deep penetrating heat is what stimulates metabolic activity which triggers the release of toxins through sweat. Through exposure to the infrared light, you can enjoy relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, pain relief—and more. Let’s get you on the path to feeling amazing again!

Curlyology in Vienna VA—At our salon, we specialize in perfecting curls! Curlyology is what we call our love affair with getting the perfect look for your curls. Whether you’re mellow or chaotic, we’ll find the perfect look!

Waxing in Vienna VA—Smooth, gorgeous skin begins here. Have unwanted hair? We will remove it anywhere on the body in a comfortable and private environment using only the best products. Our professionals here at Lofty Salon in Vienna VA, will gladly consult with you to achieve the results you want, so that you can feel your most confident.

Facials in Vienna VA—Our esthetician will pamper your skin leaving you feeling fantastic and beautiful. After a consultation to determine your skin’s specific needs, you will receive a skincare treatment consisting of steam, toning, moisturizer—and more. Not only will you receive specialized treatment for refreshing your pores, but you’ll also receive a facial massage, too.

Massage in Vienna VA—We know how tight muscles can become after the daily stresses of life. Our massage therapists create a relaxing environment where you can allow your worries to melt away. We also specialize in back treatments and offer a variety of styles of massage. Book an appointment today for a session that will rejuvenate you mind, body and soul.

Cellulite Reduction Massage in Vienna VA—Are you struggling with the uneven texture of cellulite? Would you like to minimize the look of it? Cellulite treatments that include massage help to increase blood circulation which removes and reduces excessive fluid in areas that have cellulite. With regular treatment, you will see noticeable improvement and you will be on your way to feeling more confident in shorts and a bathing suit in no time.

At Lofty Salon, we strive to make you feel pampered and beautiful through these services and more. Need more information? Call us today for a consultation in Vienna VA!


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