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Massage is the oldest healing art known to mankind

spaArguably massage is the oldest healing art known to mankind. You feel an ache, you rub it! It is an unconscious response pattern within all of us. If you need scientific proof, know that archaeologists have found images of cavemen performing massage on the walls of ancient caves. Undoubtedly, massage is an innate human response to pain.

The benefits of a massage can be profound depending on the knowledge and experience of the therapist. At Lofty Salon and Wellness our therapist are among the best in the area.

Receiving a therapeutic massage is a proven stress reliever. Relaxing tense, stress filled muscles awakens your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Research has shown that 80% to 90% of illness can be attributed to a stress related breakdown of your body’s immune system. We become desensitized to minor aches and pains and the body responses less and less to the innate response to rub it. Our bodies are wonderfully adept at continuing to function even under intense stress and anxiety however, there comes a point when our immune system begins to malfunction. The result is an open door to viral and bacterial agents.

Healthy habits are a lifestyle choice. By receiving a regular massage, you will begin the process of healthier living, you will feel better about yourself and you will begin to find more ways to improve that feeling on a daily basis. The process of healthy living begins with you


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